How to Lose Clients and Alienate People

How to find and keep clients

How to Lose Clients and Alienate People

One question we seem to get asked frequently by our freelancers is, ‘how do I get more clients?’. We understand this never-ending task of seeking clients and looking to get booked as a freelancer is often easier said than done. With each client looking for different talents and varying skills, it’s hard to know what you should be doing to gain yourself some solid clients and create strong contacts to book you endlessly!
Here are just a few tips from us to help you create and maintain solid working relationships with clients:

1. Turn up on time, or even better, early!
We know, we know, it’s so simple, but honestly clients really value this! It shows dedication and commitment from the word go, if you are ready and raring to go on the project then the client will certainly be keen to book you again as they know they can trust you, and your time-keeping skills.

2. Keep your Reels/CV’s updated
It is so important to have your most relevant work available for clients to view. This industry is so fast moving, and years seem to be coming around more quickly than ever, so if you have a showreel that says 2017…change it to 2018 quick! You’d be ahead of the game right there with that simple amendment. Keep adding to and amending your reels and CV’s throughout the year. Perhaps set aside a morning, afternoon or day a month to take a look at how you are presenting yourself and your work through your reel and CV, and ask yourself a few questions:
– Is this how I want to be presented to a client?
– Does this show my best, most relevant work?
– Does it present my skills in the best possible way?
This will certainly help when sending your reels and CV’s to clients, and give you the best possible chance of getting a project. If a client sees a reel from 2014, chances are they aren’t going to book you! This is also great for you in general, as it gives you a chance to review what you have been working on and see what you have achieved, as well as helping you keep in line with the work you want to be doing.

3. Be adaptable to the task at hand and your co-workers…
Some of the best feedback we get from clients about our freelancers are the ones’ who are able to take direction when needed, and also give creative input when appropriate. You need to be a good judge of a situation like this; is the client wanting to take creative direction on the project, or are they looking for you to give some creative input to enhance the project? It may be a mixture of both, or it may be that the client has a clear idea of how they want things done, whatever it is, be adaptable wherever possible and take each client as individual. If you work on a project where the client is clear on what they want and how they want it done, and you are willing to follow, chances are they would invite you back, and give you more creative input next time!

4. Gain the right sort of experience.
Perhaps you want to get into long form editing, but all your experience is short form? Or you have been working on corporates, but really want some branded content? Whatever direction you want to take, we understand sometimes it’s easy to get pigeon-holed. Keep re-evaluating the path you want to pursue, and if you are working on short form, but want more long form, then keep working towards this, even if it means doing more work in the evenings, shadowing someone of relevant experience or talking to more people in the area you want to focus on. Don’t lose sight of where you want to be. You never know which client might be looking for someone of your expertise, but just make sure you are trying to get the right sort of work under your belt to give you the best chance of getting more of that work.

5. Be friendly, helpful and committed.
Another super simple bit of advice, but honestly these are the traits that clients remember! Often our clients will talk about how friendly our freelancers have been, or how helpful they were in a tricky project, or if they have gone above and beyond (like make everyone teas, even though they are at a senior level). These small things will be remembered, and if you are easy to work alongside, the likelihood is, they will invite you back.

Hopefully this has been helpful, and given you some ideas on how you can best maintain strong working relationships with your clients! Best of luck with finding some new clients in 2018, the great thing is there are plenty out there to choose from, and you never know what and where one day at one company might take you….hopefully into lots and lots of re-bookings for you!