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Should I go freelance?

With the recent Taylor Review and the discussion of ‘gig economy’, our consultant Charlotte Carter looks at the Pros and Cons for ‘going freelance’ in the creative industry. Should I be a Freelancer? Being considered a freelancer or self-employed is becoming more prominent UK wide with 15% of the workforce

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TCC & Shift 4 Kit Review – Lighting

Light panels have become the go to light for on location. They provide flood style, wide beams of light and are low power, lightweight and portable. Shift 4 put forward 3 different models for us to review, all of a similar size but with varying specifications, outputs and price points.

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TCC & Shift 4 Kit Review – Sliders

In the search for more creative and interesting shots, film and programme makers often turn to  jibs, track and dolly, gimbals and other equipment traditionally known as grips. No doubt, they add a lot of production value but they can often be difficult and time consuming to set up and

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TCC & Shift 4 Kit Review – Sony PXW-FS7 Mk II

The Crewing Company visited the test rooms of kit hire company Shift 4 to review some new and unique pieces of equipment now available for rental. With full access to Shift 4’s stocks of gear and explanation and demos from Shift 4’s Technical Manager Paul Kendler, The Crewing Company freelancers

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CV Writing – Creative CVs

*dramatic music* Previously on TCC CV Series….*dum dum* So we’ve examined the basic CV, those new to the industry and how to represent multiple CVs. As we work in a creative and visual industry, should a CV not be that way? This post looks at how they may work. I

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CV writing – How to use credits

Our previous CV blog posts have looked at how a standard CV should look and examined how best to construct a CV for those without much experience. This blog will look at those who perhaps have too much experience for a standard two page CV and what to do with

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