Freelance Video Production

The Freelance Family

We represent a world class community of craft and technical freelancers working in content creation from across the UK.

We are always looking for talented, dedicated and passionate individuals to join our freelance family.

There are no joining or membership fees, instead we work on a mark up basis where both the freelancer pay and our fee are incorporated into the end client charge.

We actively seek work for our freelancers and successfully market their skills to our extensive network of clients as well as to the wider creative industries. We do this through a variety of channels including, online and social marketing, email marketing, trade shows, industry events and good old fashioned networking. We don’t just sit waiting for the phone to ring. Instead we invest heavily in business development, developing long lasting and mutually beneficial relationships with the kind of organisations that you want to work for. We work with some of the best known broadcasters, producers and advertising agencies on the planet as well as hundreds of smaller, yet wonderfully innovative and exciting content creators.

We are very selective and less than five percent of the freelancers who ask for representation are lucky enough to secure a position on our books. If you think you’ve got what it takes then we’d love to hear from you. Register your details online, submit your CV and tell us why you’d like to work with us. If we like the cut of your jib then we will want to speak to previous clients or employers who will say wonderful things about you. After that we’ll invite you in for a coffee and a chat with our team to make sure everyone is 100% happy. If they are then we will immediately set to work:

  • Actively marketing your talents and securing you work with thoroughly vetted clients
  • Negotiating you the best rates and working conditions possible and taking care of all contracts and paperwork.
  • Making sure you are paid as promptly as possible and always within 21 days. We offer an optional early payment facility for a small additional fee.