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May 2017

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Let's start with a top 10 quick reference guide! 1. 2. Stick to two pages 3. Make sure u splel check and dont use slang or emojis  D. Be consistent 5. Don’t repeat yourself 6. Make sure your hobbies are relevant 7. Don’t repeat yourself 8. I wouldn’t write really long sentences about what you’ve achieved, what you’ve

Previously we’ve looked at our top tips for showreels but we’ve decided to go back to basics and look at CVs. Similar to showreels, we look at hundreds of CVs every week, so we know when we see a good CV. We have previously given advice in one-to-one clinics at industry

The commissioning landscape for drama in the UK is changing fast, with US giants looming over the traditional British TV landscape. At this crucial time we hear the BVE experts discuss the impacts of commissioning priorities, the key requirements for format, story and style, and how online platforms differ from

We are seeing a number of key technological developments emerging within the sphere of production and broadcast. We speak to an industry specific panel to discuss this topic: Brian Noonan – CEO, Broadcast Sim Marc Risby – CTO, Boxer Systems Steve Plunkett – CTO, Ericsson Darren Woolfson – Group Director of Technology, Pinewood Studios