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Factual Entertainment Credits

50 Shocking Facts About Dieting, CHANNEL5
60 Minute Makeover, ITV1
A History of the World, BBC1
Animal Madhouse, CHANNEL4
Bang Goes The Theory, BBC1
Barely Legal Driver’s 2, BBC THREE
Bin There, Dump That, WATCH
BBC Learning Zone History programme, BBC
Be Your Own Boss, BBC THREE
Bill’s Secret Weekends, UKTV
Black Youth Unemployment with Sol Campbell, BBC1
Britain’s Favourite Supermarket Food, BBC1
Car Crash Britain: Caught on Camera, ITV1
Car Crime UK, ITV1
Carjackers, E4
Choose The Right Puppy For You, BBC2
Cowboy Trap, BBC1
Credit Crunch Monty, SKY ONE
Crimewatch, BBC1
Danger: Diggers at Work, CHANNEL5
Dangerous Adventures for Boys, CHANNEL5
Devon and Cornwall Blues, ITV
Discovering Britain, CHANNEL4
Dr Christian Will See You Now, UKTV
Extreme Male Beauty, CHANNEL4
Fast & Dangerous, FOX REALITY
Food Unwrapped Series 2, CHANNEL4
Four Rooms, CHANNEL4
Free Speech, BBC3
From the Heart, ITV
Generation Sex, CHANNEL5
Hidden Britain by Drone, CHANNEL4
Hi Mom, I’m Home (Again), CBC TV
Holiday Home Sweet Home, ITV1
Hotel of Mum and Dad, BBC3
House of Tiny Tearaways, BBC THREE
How Not To Get Old, CHANNEL4
How To Have Sex After Marriage, CHANNEL5
How to Win at Everything, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC
Inside Out Homes, CHANNEL4
ITV Sport – Chris Eubank interview, ITV
Jimmy’s Food Blight, CHANNEL 4
Junior Doctors, BBC THREE
Living in the Sun, BBC1
Louis Spence’s Show Business, SKY ONE
Make My Body Younger, BBC THREE
My Secret Body, CHANNEL5
Penis Envy, VIRGIN 1
Police Interceptors, CHANNEL5
Poundshop Wars, BBC1
Posh Pawn, CHANNEL 4
Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is, BBC1
Right on the Money, BBC1
Rip Off Britain, BBC1
Rip Off Holidays, BBC1
Rip Off Holidays and Food, BBC1
Road Warriors, ITV1
Road Wars, SKY ONE
Rogue Traders, BBC1
Saviour Siblings, BBC1
Seconds From Disaster, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC
Secret Knowledge, BBC4
Secret Weapons, DISCOVERY
Selling Houses, CHANNEL 4
Storage Hoarders, STV & ITV1
Supersize vs Super Skinny, CHANNEL4
Tattoo Fixers, E4
The 80’s – The Decade That Made Us, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC
The Agency, CHANNEL 4
The Bakery – Launch Event
The Big Questions, BBC1
The Choir, BBC1
The Convention Crasher, CHANNEL4
The Grand Tour, AMAZON PRIME
The Housing Enforcers, BBC1
The Lie Detective, CHANNEL4
The One Show, BBC1
The Secret Life of Pets, CHANNEL5
The Spice Girls on Trial, CHANNEL5
The Truth About Crime, BBC1
The Tube: An Underground History, BBC2
The Undriveables, ITV1
Thomas Cromwell & The Silent War, BBC
Top Gear, BBC
Tropical Diseases, DISCOVERY
Trust Me I’m a Doctor , BBC2
Turbo Pickers, DISCOVERY
Twiggy’s Frock Exchange, BBC2
Undercover Boss, CHANNEL4
Vets 24/7, BBC1
Watchdog, BBC1
Wheeler Dealers, CHANNEL4
Women of the War of the Roses, BBC
World’s Scariest Animal Attacks, CHANNEL5
Young, Rich and Househunting, BBC THREE
Your Money, Their Tricks, BBC1

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