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Adam G. White: Freelancer of the Month

How did it happen that you decided to be an editor?

Adam G. White: Lots of things, it wasn’t actually the plan. I was quite set on being a Producer, but when I was at university I got asked to do a little job that required some editing. Like most students I was broke at the time, so I did it for a bit of pocket money, and found that the editing turned out to be my favourite part. It’s fifteen years later and I’m still doing it.


How did you learn the skills you have?

Adam: I was first shown how to edit by a lecturer on a very archaic setup that wasn’t even computer-based – it was an analogue-VHS system. I’m not actually as old as that makes me sound, the idea was to learn the fundamentals without being distracted by lots of bells and whistles.


What is your favourite type of material you like to work with?

Adam: I am fortunate to be able to have quite a varied client base. I have been working on a lot of trailers over the last few years, and it’s a lot of fun – particularly finding great music and crafting the edit around that. I also enjoy editing anything interview-based and I find working on documentaries can be very rewarding, because you can learn a lot about the subject matter.


Client: The Spectator, edited by Adam G. White in 2022.


Could you please describe your typical workday as a freelancer?

Adam: It starts with a workout, which will always put me in a good mood for the day. That’s followed by a coffee (and it won’t be the last of those). Then it’s down to work.


What are the most challenging projects?

Adam: I think some of the most challenging are those that require a fast turnaround, because being up against the clock can be a little stressful. I’ve had a number of these over the years – I have done 24-hour film competitions, they are a lot of fun, but challenging in that you don’t generally have time to sleep, so it’s quite a full on experience.


Being an editor requires spending many hours in front of the computer screen. Do you have any tips on how you can rest during the workday? 

Adam: I have to confess that I am actually terrible at doing this. Maybe someone could give me some good advice on this one?


Client: The Laughing Cow, edited by Adam G. White in 2019.


This year, we decided to support freelancers who are new to the industry by creating Rising Talent programme (click here, to find out more). The programme nurtures talent and guides them through professional practise in their desired role. What would be your advice for a rising talent?

Adam: Being humble and open to learning from other talented people is very important. Having a big ego is rarely a good idea, but at the same time try not to undersell yourself or your abilities. Getting repeat work from certain clients is always good news if you’re freelance, but try and also make sure you take the time to cultivate new relationships whenever you can.


How do you spend your free time?

Adam: Like most people, I love a good pub – especially with a roast on Sundays. Socialising is important, and I enjoy keeping fit as well. Possibly because my job revolves around looking at a screen, I try to avoid doing so when I’m not at work, so I burn through podcasts and audiobooks at an alarming rate!


Would you recommend any particular podcast?

The Rest is History is good for geeks like me. And any Stephen King’s audiobook is often good to freak me out before I go to bed.


Here you can visit Adam’s website. To find out more about Adam and other freelance Post Production talent, please contact a member of the team.