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May's Freelancer of the Month is the fabulous Rebecca Hudson, who is a talented Editor on our books. Rebecca has stood out for her phenomenal work recently and excellent feedback. We had the pleasure to sit down with Rebecca and chat about her time in the industry, from the first

December has come and gone so quickly, but one thing not to be forgotten is our incredible Freelancer of the Month, Charley Lebetkin. We were thrilled to catch up with Charley about her exciting time in the industry, both as an employee and starting her freelance journey. We discuss Charleys'

Like many, as a company and individually, we have spent the last few months reflecting, listening and having open and honest conversations on the subject of race in media and recruitment. We are eager to educate and better ourselves on how to become even more inclusive as an agency, focusing

TCC's freelance Camera Operator and Photographer Tom Chambers talks using hyperlapse for branded content and his behind-the-scenes projects for Xbox's Halo Wars 2 promotional campaign, PlayStation’s Nioh street art commission and Google Play’s Indie Games Contest. According to timelapse video producer Geoff Tompkinson's blog, the difference between a timelapse and

Simon Epstein is one of our very talented sound designers. His career began nine years ago at Molinare, - a large film and TV post production house based in Soho. He has worked as a lead Foley Recordist, Mixer, Sound Editor and Department Supervisor providing sound work for Moon, Misfits, Silent Witness,