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Connecting Freelancers: Highlights from the Freelancer Breakfast Club

On the sunny morning of May 15th, freelancers from across London gathered at Hackney Wick’s Mainyard Studios for a special event – the Freelancer Breakfast Club. This collaborative effort between The Crewing Company, Blueberry Creatives, and Mainyard Studios (represented by Natasha Nicholls, an Area Manager at Mainyard Studios) was a significant step in our commitment to bringing freelancers together and providing support. The event took place during Mental Health Awareness Week, and we hope it brought freelancers new energy to deal with the current industry situation.


Expanding Our Reach:

This year, we decided to make our TCC Coffee Mornings even better by turning them into the Freelancer Breakfast Club. We know how important it is for Freelancers to feel connected, so we wanted to create a space where they could meet up, share ideas, and support each other. At Mainyard Studios, freelancers came together over croissants and coffee to chat and make connections. The Freelancer Breakfast Club wasn’t just about meeting up; it was also a chance to talk about skills, trends in the industry, and share stories. We also invited TCC Rising Talent Members to join us, so they could meet experienced freelancers and learn from their experiences.


Freelancer Breakfast Club, photo credit: Cliona Shepard


Informative Talks:

Each Breakfast Club meeting will commence with a 15-minute Insight. That morning started with Laura Davis, TCC Managing Director, talking about the challenges the industry has faced recently and shared some thoughts on what’s next. Then, Jake Dawson, a Development Executive at The Film and TV Charity, told us about the help available for freelancers, which was really useful. Here you can find out more about the support their offer and a new strategic programme ‘Reel Impact’ that support mid to senior level Black and Global Majority individuals, as well as Black and Global Majority-led production companies and organisations working behind the scenes in film, TV, and cinema.


Feedback and Insights:

Thank you all for such great feedback on this event! Many of you expressed that you loved meeting in person in vibrant Hackney Wick, and you found The Film and TV Charity’s information on grants and support really helpful. We’re so happy to be more than just your agency, but also to be a company that can create spaces for our freelancers to come together and continue to feel a part of this industry you have helped build.  We know from talking to you that many of you are still struggling with the lack of work at the moment, which is tough, and we will continue to try and create support and community during this quiet time, but we’re optimistic for the future. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on the industry, experiences with AI, and learning new software, proving your determination to grow.

As the day ended, we felt grateful for the sense of community we’d created. Together, we’ll keep supporting each other and facing the challenges ahead in the media industry. Join us on this journey of connection and growth. Follow our social media channels to stay updated on our events, and keep checking News & Insights section on our website to learn more about TCC Freelancers and The Crewing Company.


Freelancer Breakfast Club, photo credit: Cliona Shepard


More about organisers:

The Crewing Company – a highly selective talent agency that is passionate about creating meaningful connections between freelance talent and production agencies, broadcasters and brands. Website:

Blueberry Creatives – a boutique talent agency that unites production companies with outstanding freelance editors, designers, and colourists. Website:

Mainyard Studios – workspaces to build a life-changing business, their mission is to create the best workspaces for creative professionals. Website: