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We all need feedback, and we all need it regularly. It’s a great indicator of how we’re doing and what we need to do to improve. The trouble is, in the freelancer world, with its fast paced nature, it can be difficult to get your client to give it, or

Having adequate insurance protects you and your business should unexpected events or claims arise.  The adage of “hope for the best, prepare for the worst” holds for business insurance - It makes good business sense, and many clients expect you will have this in place. Why do I need it? Whether

What started as an idea from our Managing Director Laura just a few years ago, has now become a very exciting reality. Nurtured and driven by our newly recruited Talent Manager Aimee, TCC have carefully curated a 6 month programme for 10 budding creatives who are embarking on a career

In recent weeks, we’ve been given more opportunity to socialise and collaborate with one another as the lockdown policies are slowly mitigated and things are gradually returning to what seems to be a normal, but reformed, way of life. So we at TCC are thinking of ways we can all

With the recent Taylor Review and the discussion of ‘gig economy’, our consultant Charlotte Carter looks at the Pros and Cons for ‘going freelance’ in the creative industry. Should I be a Freelancer? Being considered a freelancer or self-employed is becoming more prominent UK wide with 15% of the workforce

*dramatic music* Previously on TCC CV Series….*dum dum* So we’ve examined the basic CV, those new to the industry and how to represent multiple CVs. As we work in a creative and visual industry, should a CV not be that way? This post looks at how they may work. I will be

Our previous CV blog posts have looked at how a standard CV should look and examined how best to construct a CV for those without much experience. This blog will look at those who perhaps have too much experience for a standard two page CV and what to do with

Let's start with a top 10 quick reference guide! 1. 2. Stick to two pages 3. Make sure u splel check and dont use slang or emojis  D. Be consistent 5. Don’t repeat yourself 6. Make sure your hobbies are relevant 7. Don’t repeat yourself 8. I wouldn’t write really long sentences about what you’ve achieved, what you’ve