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Kirsten Schoon: Freelancer of the Month

Can you paint a vivid picture of what a typical day looks like for you as a Freelance Editor, from sunrise to sunset?

It really depends if I am working from home or from the office. I usually try to get some movement at the start of the day, either yoga, pilates, or a short walk. After breakfast, I’ll have a quick scan of my editing tasks and get started. Between edits I try to take short breaks but admittedly I sometimes forget this! I like to take a walk around lunchtime and have lunch away from my desk.

What editing software are you most proficient in, and why do you prefer it over others?

I have been working in Premiere Pro for the last 6 years after switching from Final Cut and that is still my go-to software. I would like to get better in After Effects.


Did you have a mentor on your path of becoming an Editor?

I had a couple of friends who were in the editing field who inspired me to take the step to go freelance.


What is your latest project?

The last project I have been working on has been for Coda Productions with tennis videos for Adidas.

Kirsten Schoon, Adidas, 2024.

Collaboration is often crucial in post-production. Can you describe your experience working with directors, producers, and other team members to achieve their vision?

It’s a lot about listening and double-checking you really understand what their needs are. I also rely on my own intuition and gut feeling throughout the creative process. By tuning into my instincts, I’ve

found that I can often anticipate the direction of a project and make decisions that align with the overall vision.


Outside your professional pursuits, you’ve expressed an interest in abstract painting. How does this creative outlet inform or enhance your freelance work as an Editor?

Art, to me, is akin to problem-solving. My abstract art is very much like a puzzle and figuring out the best placement for each element to create a cohesive piece. The same goes for editing. You start with a lot of different clips and it can feel a bit like a puzzle. Until you start moving things around and testing things out. Slowly some things will slot into place.


Kirsten Schoon and her mural in London, 2022


Who is your favorite painter, and why?

I find this very hard to answer as there are so many I enjoy! But if I had to choose one, I would say Hilma af Klint as I find her work fascinating. There is something very mysterious about her work as it’s very enigmatic and has lots of symbolism in it.


How do you manage tight deadlines and handle pressure effectively?

I usually rely on planning and figuring out which tasks have priority. I break down the project into smaller, manageable tasks and create a timeline to ensure I stay on track.


What advice would you give to aspiring Editors?

These days you can learn so much online. While pursuing editing studies at university can be valuable it’s also possible to do it by yourself (and not build up a massive student loan!). Ultimately, what matters most is cultivating a portfolio of work and a standout showreel. That will take you a long way.


Kirsten Schoon, OTSWOLD Company, 2021


Reflecting on the last 3 years, could you shed light on the strategies and principles that have guided you through periods of uncertainty and disruption within the industry?

I’ve found that proactively emailing new and existing contacts and tapping into my network has been instrumental during these uncertain times. To be honest, there were months when it was super quiet, and I did almost consider looking for a full-time job at some point.


Balancing professional commitments with personal well-being is crucial. How do you prioritise self- care and maintain a healthy work-life balance, particularly in roles that demand extensive screen time and focus?

This is something I still struggle with. I haven’t quite figured out yet how to have a very healthy balance. I make an effort to take regular breaks from the screen but sometimes can get sucked into a project. What helps me is to set a timer for 30 or 60 minutes and that reminds me to take a break.

Ideally, I try to avoid looking at screens in the evening and limit my use as much as possible.


What is your dream editing job?

My dream editing job is creating videos for a platform with lots of creative license. Where I can sprinkle in humor and play around with storytelling and editing styles. Preferably, for a social cause or some sort of educational platform.


If you would like to see Kirsten’s showreel or work with her, please contact a member of the team here.