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Correll Johnson: Freelancer of the Month

As an Edit Assistant and Camera Operator, could you share the journey that led you to embrace these dynamic roles?

I studied a practical filmmaking course at university. After graduating I started to direct, shoot and edit music videos and short films… I applied for several jobs on recruitment platforms such as Talent Manager and also contacted production companies via email and phone. I was working at an in-house production company for 4 years before freelancing full time. This experience helped me to get into the TV/Film industry.

What is your favourite equipment that you like to use, and why?

Sony FX9 with a set of zoom lenses, it’s a great all-round full frame camera that I have used on both broadcast and personal projects.

Mile High Films: Plane Food Secrets, Channel 5, Camera Operator, 2019.


What is your latest project?

Edit assisted on ‘99’ a sports documentary about Man United treble winning season. I haven’t edit assisted on set before, but in post-production I enjoy the challenge of problem solving and providing technical support for editors.


Are there any camera operators whose work has electrified your own, influencing your vision and pushing the boundaries of your craft?

The cinematography of Christopher Nolan films has influenced my creativity & how I approach filming my personal projects.


Any particular film?

Oppenheimer & Batman trilogy.


Which project stands out as the most thrilling expedition you’ve embarked on?

Working on the Primal Survivor & Unknown Waters series allowed me to travel around the world, shooting in countries such as Kenya, The Amazon, Australia, Solomon Islands, Iceland & Thailand. It can be tough shooting in challenging environments, but it’s a great experience, all the countries I’ve worked in have been adventures.


Unknown Waters with Jeremy Wade, Nat Geo, Camera Assistant, 2019 – 2021.


In your opinion, which film is a total masterpiece in terms of camera work?

Dune Part 1 & 2.


As both editing and shooting demand collaboration within a team, how do you navigate the exhilarating challenge of aligning with the director’s vision while nurturing your own creative spark?

I enjoy collaborating in a team, it’s a lot easier to provide creative ideas once understanding the director’s vision.


This year, as a talent agency, we decided to focus more on creating a freelancer community as we’ve learned that working on your own often can be lonely and challenging. How do you feel about it? Do you like staying in touch with other freelancers, or do you just focus on your own projects?

Both – I’m always focused on my own projects as well as networking and keeping in touch with other freelancers. I keep an eye out for any TV/film networking events that interest me and also keep in contact with freelancers that I have worked with before.


How do you like spending your free time, any exciting holidays plans?

Music, football & gym. I like travelling, hopefully going to Italy & Bali this year.


The last few years were difficult for all in the industry. How did you handle it, what have you learned about yourself?

Directing music videos and collaborating with other creatives on different projects has helped me to keep busy. One of my favourites is Asha1K – No Love Songs. I’m always pushing to improve my skills as a Director, DP & Editor.  


What advice would you give to an aspiring Edit Assistant?

Improving your craft by working on creative projects outside of your day job.

Bristol BLM Doc; Director, Producer, Camera & Editor; 2020.


What is your dream job?

The goal is to direct full time.


Click here to see Correll’s showreel, and if you would like to work with him, please contact a member of the team.