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Catching Up with Ricky Diaghe

We caught up with Ricky Diaghe for this month’s newsletter, a brilliant Motion Graphic Designer, Rap Artist, Foster Care Advocate, Photographer, Freelancer of the Month and this month’s TCC Talks’ guest! Over this interview, we explore Ricky’s time in the industry, getting started and the importance of giving back to the foster community. 

Getting Started: 

Ricky’s journey to becoming a Motion Graphics Designer started when he studied Graphic Design New Media at UCA in Surrey. The course introduced Ricky to After Effects (A 2.5D animation software used for animation, visual effects, and motion picture compositing. After Effects is used in film, TV, and web video creation.) 

“I was fascinated how you could combine video, graphics, illustration, photography, typography all in one program (After Effects) and achieve cool work reminiscent of the MTV golden age!” 

Once Ricky had been introduced to the software, his skills with After Effects were self-taught, utilising hours of YouTube videos. Graduating in 2009, Ricky soon realised how valuable a Motion Graphics Designer could be, both in the industry and for his own objectives.  

“I found that motion graphics was an asset I could thrive with, not only for clients but for personal work, so I doubled down on it.”

The Freelance Life:

There are many reasons that our freelancers choose to work for themselves. For some, it’s the flexibility, the difference in work, the pay, or being their own boss, there are many benefits to working for yourself. For Ricky, it was his work/life balance, needing the flexibility to be able to work on his music, personal development and other interests.  

Enjoying what you do is crucial for anyone, whether you’re employed or freelance. Ricky enjoys the challenge of creating something that perfectly fits a client’s needs, and working freelance also means that Ricky can listen to the music he loves all day, whilst cracking on with a project.    

We discussed Ricky’s most recent projects, managing to combine his love for music and motion graphics.  

“I’m currently creating a Record Label for care experienced young talent The last motion graphics work I’m proud of was creating Playlist promo work for Spotify South Africa at Byte London. I have always loved music and to get more motion graphics work within that space has been a blessing.”

Ricky has an incredible showreel (check it out here), but Ricky’s game-changing moment in his eyes was his work on the music video ‘Full Time’ from his group Jungle Brown. Ricky combined his love for photography, music and art in a way that was intentional but had moments of magic. Make sure you give it a watch:

New Blood & Short Film Winner:

Over his career, Ricky has produced some phenomenal work, winning the New Blood Award in 2009 and the Short Film Award in 2010. The New Blood Award took Ricky by complete surprise, receiving the award not long after he had graduated, for creating a Light Performance Toolkit for Becks Fusion. A typographic concept, mixing words from art and music juxtaposed through a light drawing performance. 

Although this award was a surprise to Ricky it spurred him on and highlighted this was the career for him – “To be honest I was just obsessed with Light painting and found that it could work well with Becks brief. The bonus of getting an award is a reminder to follow what you’re passionate about because that energy will show through.”

The Next Chapter:

For many, setting long term career objectives can feel overwhelming. Ricky used to dream of working for MTV, even receiving an offer from them once, but with a better offer available he decided to turn this work down. 

We spoke about Ricky’s dreams from the future and what we didn’t expect was such a humble and touching answer – “I’m just grateful I can use my skills to bring ideas to life but also have the freedom and time to create for myself. I think I’m already living the dream!”

Giving Back & Free Time: 

We have spoken a lot about Ricky’s passion for his work and love of music, which even extends into his free time. As a child, Ricky went through the foster care system and knows the importance of giving these kids as many opportunities as possible. Ricky works with foster care children, teaching them how to rap. We spoke about how this came about and its importance for these kids. 

“By giving myself time to focus on my passion for music, I have been presented an opportunity that I wouldn’t have dreamed of. The fact I can give back to the (foster care) community I used to be a part of is a blessing.”

We referenced earlier Ricky’s love of photography, starting with Light Painting. Ricky truly started appreciating this medium in his free time on his travels in South-East Asia. Ricky seems to live and breathe creativity, and excels in all he does!

Advice For Aspiring Motion Graphics Designers: 

Often it can be hard to break into the industry when looking to start a career in motion graphics design. We asked Ricky what advice he could offer for anyone looking to break into the industry. 

  • Explore your curiosity beyond just getting a job. 
  • Your best work is informed by your passion, interests and beliefs. 
  • Once you get your foot in the door, immerse yourself in the company culture, see how you fit in and what the most value you have to bring to the table.
  • Always go above and beyond with what you deliver. This mentality will take you far.

Working with TCC:

Ricky has been with us for a while now and in that time has carried out some phenomenal work for our clients. We chatted about Ricky’s experience with TCC and what brought him to us.

“I use to stress that when I wasn’t working, I was always chasing work. It was a continuous cycle that left me exhausted with no time to focus on passions or personal life. Having such a supportive company like TCC gave me the time to focus on my passions and be represented in the best light.

I’m forever grateful for The Crewing Company because if it wasn’t for them I wouldn’t be in the position I am in now. ” 

We have been lucky enough to represent Ricky over the years, and watch him grow creatively and professionally – we are so proud he chose to be on TCC’s books, but we can’t take any credit for what he has achieved, it’s all testament to his determination, ability and passion! 

Wrapping Up:

As always, we want to thank you for taking the time to get to know one of our amazing freelancers. Ricky is a superb Motion Graphics Designer and Photographer and we would recommend anyone to use him. Thank you Ricky for taking the time to speak with us, it is great getting to know more about our freelancers and the incredible work you all carry out for us. 

Ricky joins us at the end of the month for our next TCC Talks. Make sure you don’t miss out on picking up some excellent tips for advancing your career.