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Freelancer Of The Month: Sidney Sonnerberg

With the end of March upon us, it can only mean one thing – we have the honour of revealing our Freelancer of the Month! The award this month has gone to the talented and humble Sidney Sonnerberg, one of our brilliant editors. Sidney has only been with us since October 2021 but has already demonstrated an excellent work ethic, attitude and a brilliant set of skills. Therefore, we would be remiss not to catch up with this hardworking freelancer and find out more about Sidney’s journey into the world of media. 

The Spark:

For many of us, our time in education can be where we discover a passion – which is very much the case for Sidney. Studying Drama at school, Sidney was set the task of creating a film. Sidney found joy in exploring the inner workings of filming, from cameras, sound and editing, realising this was a new creative avenue he wanted to explore. Sidney ran with this newfound love for filmmaking and began shooting short films and playing around with editing software. 

Sidney’s passion led to a natural conclusion – after leaving high school, Sidney found himself studying film at the Stockholm Academy of Film and Photography, Kulturama. Once finished with his studies in Sweden, Sidney set his sight on the UK, completing his Bachelor’s degree in Film Production from the University for The Creative Arts. 

Finding Work:

For many, when finishing their studies (whether that be Secondary School, college/Sixth Form or University), finding your first job can feel like a daunting task. Sidney found himself looking for work upon graduating and found it had been his “toughest” experience yet. After months of looking, Sidney was about to give up and return to Sweden before landing his first role as a Digital Media Engineer for Sony. 

One crucial bit of advice Sidney would give to those perhaps amid their studies or looking to find work in editing – “find as many internships or volunteer work as possible”. Sidney admits that although the pay can be minuscule (or nonexistent!), the opportunity to gain experience is far more valuable – especially while you have the support of a student loan. 

From Music to Education:

Very often, many editors will have a preference between long and short-form editing. Sidney is not quite like all editors after spending just over three years working for the corporate giant that is Sony (working on both long and short-form content), he made a rather radical switch (from an editing perspective) to working for the Discovery channel. Given most, if not all of, the Discovery Channels schedule are 60-minute documentaries, this posed a new challenge for Sidney – working on a new venture (short-form educational pieces). Working at Discovery, Sidney honed his editing skills, crediting a standout manager and team for his growth.

The Road to Freelancing:

Many in the media industry, especially those behind the camera, often contemplate a switch to working freelance. In Sidney’s case, this was something he had on his mind for a while, and due to a restructuring at Discovery, the decision became much clearer – Sidney took the plunge into the freelance world.  

Enter The Crewing Company, Sidney joined us last year and has been doing a stellar job. We spoke about how Sidney has found his time since going freelance – “It’s been great! But I can only say that because of TCC. I don’t think I would’ve tried freelancing, let alone done so well if it wasn’t for TCC. It’s also thanks to a good friend of mine Tom Kinnersly who introduced me to TCC.”

Given that Sidney has only been freelancing for a short while, it was vital to discuss the early bumps in the road he had found – ” Just the uncertainty, not knowing if you have a gig next week or not. But I’m getting used to it, and despite the uncertainty, I do enjoy this way of life more. It’s exciting.”

Advice For Aspiring Freelancers:

Like Sidney, for many, branching out into the world of freelance can be a nerve-racking experience – unsure of what employment status is the right fit, how to price yourself and most importantly, how to find clients. Sidney had a couple of pieces of advice that would be useful for anyone considering the freelance option. 

  • “Make your Showreel stand out! Often it can be difficult to show your talents as an editor in showreels. So, have a play around and see what represents you best.”
  • “Ask for advice! Whether that be from friends in the industry, mentors, or agencies such as TCC. It will leave you more confident in the decisions you are making. 

Hopes & Dreams: 

During our time representing many talented editors, it is always a surprise to see the variety of work they would like to carry out someday. For Sidney, as an avid fan of cinema and binge-watching the odd series on Netflix, his ambition is to work on editing TV & Film content. 

Working with The Crewing Company:

Since having Sidney join us, he has been a delight to work with, we relish the feedback from him and our impressed clients. We discussed why TCC and how Sidney has found the experience since joining us: “While at Discovery, I would meet freelancers frequently coming from TCC and only heard great things. Then it was Tom Kinnersly, a great editor who taught me so much at Discovery Education, who recommended TCC. Without him, I wouldn’t be with TCC today. It’s been great and I look forward to a long and prosperous relationship with the team!” 

Wrapping Up:

At TCC, we can’t get enough of speaking to our freelancers. Firstly, to help inform us what we can be doing to continue supporting our incredible talent. Secondly, it is a joy hearing about the impressive work of our talented bunch. Thank you, Sidney, for taking the time to speak with us – we look forward to working with you for hopefully many years to come! 


Check Out Sidney’s Showreel HERE