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Freelancers Rights

Should I get a contract?
It is always advisable to sign a contract before starting a new job to avoid any confusion down the line, and to protect your legal rights as an employee/ contractor. If you are a member of an agency this will usually be organised between your agent and the client, but you should still make sure that you thoroughly read the contract before signing and accepting the terms of it. Things to pay particular attention too are payment and cancellation terms, the length of the contract, working hours, confidentiality agreements, and creative ownership rights. If you have any concerns do not sign the contract, raise them with your agent, union or the client, and wait until you are entirely happy before agreeing to the terms of it.

Do I get holiday pay?
As a broadcast and media freelancer you are entitled to Holiday Pay just the same as any other employee. However from our experience Clients vary on how they deal with this. Some Clients state that the agreed fee includes Holiday Pay, and some ask that Holiday Pay is calculated and invoiced at the end of a contract. We would recommend reading your contract thoroughly to establish which is the case, and to ask the Client if it is unclear.

What if a company cancels me with no fault of my own?
In these situations freelancers can often feel isolated as they are only an individual, and many believe that they have less chance of being heard above large corporations. However if you are a member of a union you will be offered lots of various methods of support, such as information regarding your legal rights.