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Friday Freelancer Feature: Film-Maker Kieran Carruthers

Kieran is a Producer/Director with a passion for a real life narrative and he gets a real kick out of character driven documentary and factual entertainment.

From Rock and Roll Choirs to real life emergencies, Kieran has a talent for capturing the remarkable among the every day.  Whether it be shooting behind the camera or directing contributors, Kieran is a pleasure to have around a shoot and knows how to get the best out of children, adolescents and adults alike.

Kieran thinks in “bigger picture” terms, in the sense that he’s in tune with all aspects of production to ensure a smooth and efficient shoot. With Final Cut Pro editing skills to boot, Kieran even has Post in mind!

To date, Kieran has created umpteen films for Channel 4, ITV, the BBC and many more clients. If you would be interested in joining this roster of clients, get in touch with us today.