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Gone Girl Edited on Premier Pro

Learning Premiere Pro has got to be the one piece of advice we’ve been giving our Editors in the past few years, and the popularity of the software has just been proven on a Hollywood scale, with the release of “Gone Girl” – the first full length feature to be edited solely in the Adobe software.

If you’ve seen Rooney Mara’s impeccably polished Calvin Klein debut you’ll be familiar with the work of the post-production team responsible for the edit, who made Premiere their choice software for that commercial. Gone Girl is evidently a huge boost for Adobe users throughout the industry, as the movie (directed by David Fincher) is getting rave reviews after its first fortnight in cinemas.

Speed, fluidity of integration with sister software AFX, and compatibility with the Red Dragon on which the film was shot, all combine to make Premiere CC the perfect choice for such a flawless film.

Our clients are increasingly asking for and expecting the same, which is why we will continue to push for Premiere (if anyone has a gap in the diary!)

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