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Hannah Wing – February’s Freelancer of the Month

It’s that time of the month again when we get to reveal our freelancer of the month. This month the honour goes to the brilliant Hannah Wing, an accomplished and hard-working Make-up Artist, designer and author. We got to catch up with Hannah and explore her journey into the industry, finding out a bit more about this incredible woman. 

From Finance to Movie Sets:

Hannah started her working life on a very different career path from what she does now, starting out in finance. Hannah has always been passionate about film and the arts, but the untimely passing of a colleague spurred Hannah on to change course and pursue her passion.

The first step Hannah took, like many, was determining how she could turn her passion into a livelihood. A determined woman, Hannah set herself a clear plan – enter the industry focussed on bridal make-up, and build her skill base so she could eventually crack the Film and TV industry. 

One thing that Hannah stands out for and the reason we love working with her so much is her desire to learn more. Never resting on her laurels, Hannah has continued to add many tools to her belt as she has progressed in her career. Starting in make-up, Hannah has gone on to work on design, hair, prosthetics and much more – living by her philosophy of “you never stop learning and are never too old to learn something new!” 

The Journey Towards Success is Not Always Easy: 

When starting as a freelancer, there are always two things that will be present on your mind – how do I remain financially stable, and how will I find the work? Coupled with the rise of social media has meant that many people now consider themselves hair and make-up artists with little experience or training – making it a highly competitive industry. Hannah offered some advice to resolve some of the issues and guarantee setting yourself apart from the competition. 

“To succeed in the industry, you need more than just your hair and make-up skills. I made it my business to set myself apart by networking, working hard and bringing my ‘A game’ to every project. There is never a second chance to make a first impression, so being positive, polite and confident in your abilities goes a long way.”

The freelancing industry can often be challenging. Hannah has found in her time that the most crucial part of freelancing was becoming financially stable and savvy as work “can become like a rollercoaster”.  

Sometimes it is Glitz and Glamour: 

Hannah’s hard work has paid off in many regards as she has had the opportunity to work with phenomenal companies, people and brands. Hannah has been able to work with people such as Deborah Meaden, Florence Pugh and Jimmy Carr. Also, working on smash-hit shows such as Bridgerton (Series 2) and Deepfake, as well as featured during London Fashion Week 2019.  

We spoke about Hannah’s highlights from her time on different sets. Three moments have stood out for Hannah during her career – 

  1. To have met and made up Nicole Scott – A NASA astronaut, with 4 ISS visits under her belt along with an accomplished artist. 
  2. Eating Oysters and drinking Whiskey with Sting whilst working on Sunday Brunch with him. 
  3. Getting to see her name on the same call sheet as Ridley Scott and Tom Hardy.  

It’s moments like these where Hannah’s hard work pays off. Following her passion has enabled many incredible opportunities, showing you can follow your dreams and hit new career heights. 

Make Up Artist Turned Author: 

For many, being a freelancer keeps you busy enough, having to carry out work and manage your client’s expectations and workloads. However, always up for a challenge, Hannah also sets her eyes on writing. 

Taking her background in design and combining it with her love of history and art, Hannah decided to put together a book. The focus was the history of make-up and design through the ages. Hannah enjoyed the process so much she did it not once, but twice. 

Hopes, Dreams and Ambition: 

Hannah has spent most of last year working on Series 2 of Bridgerton and Season 11 of Call the Midwife. We asked Hannah what projects she has on the horizon and dreams for the future. 

“I’m currently working on another exciting period drama, and I am experimenting with dipping in and out of some other creative projects to create a good work/life balance.” 

Looking to the future, Hannah has no set projects she has her heart set on and is only looking to take on work that brings her joy and allows for flexibility. Although if there was one thing Hannah would like to pursue it would be being able to design a film about famous faces from history. 

Advice for Aspiring Make-Up Artists and Designers: 

With the media industry so competitive and the makeup world being a crowded game, Hannah offered her advice for an aspiring freelancer. 

“Don’t give up! Success is not a measure of your talent, so learn as much as you can and network as much as you can….Above all, be kind, the industry is surprisingly small and littered with egos – keep yours in check!”

The Woman Behind the Brush:

Like many of us, Hannah has a busy life on top of her work, not long becoming a mum, as well as taking over her parent’s antiques business. We wanted to know how this incredible woman balances it all.  

“I grew up loving art and history, which has always been an integral part of my life. After my parents passed away, managing the business became a way to honour their memory and something I could learn from in my downtime. Becoming a mum has been a game-changer! I have had to experiment with what is sustainable in terms of hours dedicated to filming. Thankfully, I have a supportive partner and a healthy awareness that you can’t pour from an empty cup.” 

When Hannah finds a spare moment, she is just as hard-working as she is in her working life. Pre-pandemic Hannah was training for a half marathon and enjoyed remaining active as she found it an excellent stress reliever. Alongside remaining active, Hannah enjoys watching films!

Working With The Crewing Company:

Hannah has been brilliant from the word go and we have loved having her on our books! We spoke about why Hannah chose TCC and what she has thought while working with us – “I love the fact that TCC has always been so approachable and helpful, reflected in the clients I have worked with. I plan on a long stay with TCC and look forward to what the future might bring!” 

Wrapping Up:

As always, we want to thank you for taking the time to get to know one of our amazing freelancers. Hannah is a brilliant Make-up Artist and designer and we would recommend anyone to use her. Thank you Hannah for taking the time to speak with us, it is great getting to know more about our freelancers and the incredible work you all carry out for us.