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Industry Roles – Location Camera & Sound

Director of Photography (DOP)
The DOP is the most senior member of the camera crew. They have advanced skills in Lighting and Camera techniques, which are applied to achieve the Directors vision. The DOP is consulted about which is the best camera and lighting kit for the shoot, and often carries out location recces.

Camera Operator
The Camera Operator may be supported by a Camera Assistant, and will often work under the direction of a senior crew member such as the DOP. Camera Operators usually work across a vast number of different cameras (digital and tape) and so it is vital that they keep up-to-date with all technological developments in their field. Creativity is also key to this role, as they will often need to offer innovative suggestions as to how best to achieve what the client requires.

Sound Recordist
The Sound Recordist is responsible for operating the audio equipment. If working on location they must carefully monitor sound levels and raise any concerns immediately, if they feel the sound quality is being compromised by external noise.

Digital Imaging Technician (DIT)

Sometimes called Data Wranglers, DITs are used on shoots with digital cameras. DIT’s work onsite taking the digital content from storage media and transfering it to a computer or hard drive. They are responsible for checking that all files are correctly stored and labelled, making the post production process smoother.

Camera Assistant
Camera Assistants have a very hands-on role as they are there to offer general support to senior members of the filming crew. Their main role is that they are in charge of making sure that all of the camera kit is well maintained, and ready for the Camera Operator/ DOP when needed.