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Industry Roles – Post Production

Edit Assistant
The Edit Assistant offers support to the editor. Their main duty is to make sure that all of the rushes are organised and stored correctly so that they are ready when the editor requires them, digitising material, logging tapes, and on occasion, carrying out basic cutting.

Editor (Offline)

The offline editor is a highly creative role, working alongside the director to select shots and cut them together into an engaging and flowing narrative. It is a challenging and rewarding role and the best offline editors are in very high demand.

Editor (Online)
The Online Editor is a more technical role, finalising the edit and preparing the piece for transmission. This often includes adding visual effects, titles, and colour balancing.

Edit Producer
The Edit Producer does not work on location, their role starts at a later date as they supervise the edit suites. If a show is being shot and cut at the same time an Edit Producer is brought in to work from the edit suites while the PD is busy on location. The Edit Producer organises the rushes and script and develops the narrative, so they are expert storytellers.

VT Operator
Video Tape Operators have several skills that are similar to Edit Assistants although it is a much more technical role. Based in the machine room the VT Operator prepares tapes for Editors, is responsible for operating tape recording equipment and making sure that the tape content meets the correct technical specifications. Is it important that VT Operators have a strong technical understanding of