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Industry Roles – Technical and Engineering

Technical Support Engineer
The Technical Support Engineer is responsible for providing technical support for the company’s operations, infrastructure and post production facilities and for ensuring an efficient, reliable and secure operation. Additional responsibilities may include researching new technologies and devising technical workflow solutions to meet the changing requirements of clients and to provide frontline maintenance and troubleshoot technical and operational issues.

Technical Support Manager
The Technical Support Manager is responsible for managing the Technical Support department to provide technical support of the company’s technical infrastructure and post production facilities, ensuring efficient, reliable and secure operation. They will also plan, research, devise and implement solutions to optimise workflow and performance in all operational departments. The Technical Support manager is key to developing effective technical business strategy and optimising efficiency. They will lead the Technical Support team to achieve technical and operational excellence.

Broadcast Engineer
A broadcast engineer operates, maintains, updates and repairs hardware and systems used across television, radio, podcasts and other platforms, ensuring that programmes are broadcast on time to the highest possible level of quality. Broadcast engineers work in a team with others including producers, studio managers, presenters, and other technical staff. As well as being spread across ever-expanding methods of distribution, the work of broadcast engineers takes place in a range of locations and work situations. In addition to studio or set work, there may be outside broadcasts, when sound and images are relayed live back to a studio or straight to the network

Systems Engineer
The Systems Engineer works alongside the Engineering and IT teams and is responsible for the day to day running of these systems. The Systems Engineer may be involved in the design, procurement and installation of new facilities and systems, making repairs and modifications to existing systems, troubleshooting and resolution of technical faults.