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Insurance for Freelancers

Should I personally be insured?
It is very sensible to invest in a personal insurance policy if you are a freelancer for several reasons. Production companies will have a Public Liability Insurance policy; however it may not cover hired in freelancers or their equipment. As camera crews often work on busy location shoots, there is always the risk that they or a member of the public could get injured. All it takes if for a member of the public to trip over a stray cable and the question of liability is raised. By investing in Public Liability insurance you are protecting yourself, as you have cover against claims resulting in an injury to someone or damage to their property.

In addition if you are a freelancer it may be sensible to consider taking out personal insurance against loss of earnings. If for any reason you are taken ill or involved in an accident and cannot work for a long period of time, would you as a self employed individual be able to cover your bills?

What about kit & insurance?
Due to the high costs of replacing lost, stolen or damaged kit, it is advisable to always purchase kit insurance. There are several specialist film and television insurance companies who are able to provide different types of kit insurance options, so there is a suitable choice for everyone. You can buy insurance for as little as a single day if you are hiring in kit, and it is often possible to arrange cover for the same day. Another option is to purchase an annual policy, which is especially beneficial if you own kit yourself. The risk of not adequately insuring hired kit is that you will be held responsible for any charges related to replacing or fixing damaged kit which you have hired, and the costs for this can run into several thousands of pounds. In addition if you own the kit yourself and it is damaged or stolen, will you be able to replace the items and if not could this have a negative affect on your future bookings? If you have been hired to work with your own kit, and it is damaged will you be able to replace it in time, or are you running the risk of letting a client down?