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More lovely new freelancers join TCC

We’d like to extend a warm TCC welcome to these wonderful freelancers who have joined us recently!

Video Editors

Stephen Prince
Anthony Stadler
David Thompson
Chris Denton
Dominic Gardiner
Murat Yusuf
Karla GuimarĂ£es
Richard Cradick
Thomas Meadmore
Louise Reed
Simon Warner

Make Up Artists

Gabriella Thorpe

Junior Animators
Hayley Allen

Chloe Squires
DOPs and Cameramen

Rich Cornelius
Ian Serfontein
Clive Gill
Daniel Kidner
Chris Stone
Carlos Homer

Sound Mixers
John Osborne

Camera Assistants
Tom Palmer

Producer / Directors
Richard Higson
Lesley Brandon

Post Producers
Rebecca Little

For more information on any of these freelancers or to book, please call the office on 0208 5254844, email us or send us a message here