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News & Current Affairs Extraordinaire David Camburn

David exudes experience, professionalism and down to earth friendliness. As a Producer, David has worked across all news genres and has a broad knowledge that he is enthusiastic to apply, whatever the project. He’s also no stranger to fast-turn around, tight deadline projects: the past four years have found him writing, researching and producing for America’s leading bank. David lives and breathes current affairs, and has travelled the world to do the job he loves, including India, Africa, Europe and the USA.

David’s calm and considered approach has made him a favourite with his past clients, which include the BBC, CNN and MTV to mention but a few.  If you fancy being among those satisfied clients, get in touch now!

David is yet another TCC freelancer that has taken advantage of Digital Snowball’s Showreel editing services.

TCC Editor Stephen McInerney has given David’s reel a dramatic finish – we are loving the choice of soundtrack!

If you fancy a day in the Edit with Steve check it out here

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