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Nicole Hall’s Work Exerperience Blog

When I think about how much I want to work in the Television industry, in the past, my mind would have immediately sprung to the obvious production roles; runner, director, editor, producer etc. It wasn’t until the past few weeks that I even began to think about another important aspect to the industry.
I came across The Crewing Company, a part of the industry which in my eyes, is normally bypassed. However, it is one that does essentially, make dreams come true! Of course I knew recruitment companies existed, except it’s something I’d never really thought about during my studies. Perhaps I just seemed to have forgotten that freelancers exist!!
What does this company do exactly? How do they help freelancers? What kind of roles do they fill? Some of the many questions that I had, and, to my joy I have had the opportunity for these questions to be answered with two simple words: Work Experience.
I have an open mind, interested in all aspects of the industry and so this was a great opportunity to have my questions answered and to find out first hand, exactly how it all works. From spending two weeks with The Crewing Company I have had exposure to things that can help in my future such as working with professional freelancer showreels and CV’s from a wide range of disciplines. I have picked up on how best to present my CV in order to showcase my best skills.
What’s great about The Crewing Company is how, first of all, the work experience is tailored to suit you and your interests, as well as what you hope to achieve and learn from the experience. For example, social media is an interest of mine, both personally as well as from an academic point of view. Whilst in my placement, I received insight into how the business run their various websites, how they share showreels and how social media is managed from a professional point of view. As well as, having insight into other parts of the company, such as understanding how the team work closely with freelancers ensuring that all job vacancies are filled with the right person.
Secondly, the team at The Crewing Company is extremely nice and helpful, it was a lovely experience getting to spend time with different people, whilst they ran through their day-to-day work and answering all the questions that I had for them.
Summing up, looking at the industry from the other side or ‘behind the scenes’ has been an enjoyable and eye opening experience and one  I would recommend to all looking to learn about the industry.
Thank you The Crewing Company!!
Nicole Hall is a Television Production undergraduate at the University of Westminster. You can see the rest of her blog here