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Rising Talent Programme: First Round Successes

In 2022, we launched TCC Rising Talent, a professional support programme aimed at assisting 10 emerging Freelance Creatives as they begin their career in the media industry. Our motivation for developing this initiative stemmed from a desire to provide guidance, support and nurture to individuals starting out in the media industry. As an agency, we are passionate about fostering meaningful connections between freelancers, production agencies, broadcasters, and brands, whilst also promoting inclusivity within the media industry.

We firmly believe that the media industry must prioritise diversity, inclusion, and equality, and help narrow the skills gap by being a more welcoming place to be, and we are committed to helping drive this necessary change forward. We know it’s a long term commitment, rather than a quick change, and we hope that by nurturing and guiding freelancers who are in the initial stages of the career, this could help make steps in a positive direction.

As a media recruitment agency, we know we have a responsibility to help drive change. For a more in-depth understanding of our approach, we invite you to read our blog post entitled Changing the meaning of recruitment written by Laura Davis, the Managing Director of TCC.

Following numerous discussions during TCC Talks and other networking events, we recognised a need to support freelancers who are new to the industry. We understand that freelancers often lack sufficient support while embarking on their first jobs, and it can be challenging to gain the experience necessary to work with clients or agencies like ours. Our goal is to help reduce stress levels and create a more enjoyable experience of entering the industry for our Rising Talent Freelancers. We understand that the pressure of feeling imposter syndrome, lost or unsupported during first jobs in the industry and may cause freelancers to leave the industry prematurely.

Therefore, one of the main objectives of Rising Talent programme was to make connections the freelancers might not ordinarily have, and get them paid work, as well as offer a mentor to each member to help them navigate the challenges of securing their first job and help in making it a success.

Rising Talent, Class of 2022

The first edition of the Rising Talent programme was curated by our MD Laura Davis and our former Talent Manager, Aimée Johnston. According to Aimée, The mentorships have exceeded my expectations significantly, as our pairings have demonstrated immense enthusiasm and determination during their sessions.” Following a recent conversation with Camera Operator George Petais, who serves as a mentor to Rising Talent Runner and Junior Videographer George Larman, George P. described their mentorship sessions in detail. The sessions are structured to cover topics such as the shoots that George L. has worked on, the cameras used, and any anomalies, observations, or issues encountered. Some of the areas that have arisen include how to use a clapper board, how to label rushes, and difficulties with camera menus. Additionally, they have exchanged information on their favourite films and continue to share links to noteworthy films. Although they have not been able to meet in person often, their Zoom sessions have proven beneficial. For instance, during a recent session, George P. shared his experiences and demonstrated how to “unpack” his run bag as a Camera Operator, which George L. found engaging as he enjoys camping and survival gear.

We didn’t know what to expect when launching the pilot run of Rising Talent, but we have been overwhelmed with the support and enthusiasm from our clients. It has opened up more interesting conversations about what our clients are also doing to tackle the skills shortage, diversity, equality and inclusion. We firmly believe that by working together, we can create meaningful change in the industry that make profound ripple effects.

When the Rising Talent joined us, we did make it clear that we couldn’t guarantee work, but hoped we had structured an initiative that still held lots of value, through its mentorship programme, internal support and various workshops we held for them.

Dora Blechova during TCC workshop run by Editor Paula Frank

Our TCC Bookings Team made every effort to get as many of the Rising Talent members booked as possible, and we managed to place 5 people with our clients successfully, some even on multiple projects with different clients. One Rising Talent who has particularly shone through her time with us, is Timi McEwen, an Assistant Producer & Digital Producer, who was placed on projects with the likes of TFL and Smyle with some fantastic feedback. Timi has equally found value from the initiative saying…

‘I cannot believe the development and progress I’ve been able to make with your help, through the mentoring with the fabulous Kirsty and the various job opportunities I have had through The Crewing company! 

Thank you so much for putting together this amazing programme, I have thoroughly enjoyed myself and have loved getting to know everyone on RT as well as within the crewing company!’

Timi McEwen at her job for TFL, photo credit: David Reyes

Moreover, some of our Rising Talent freelancers will now be taken on the books at TCC as fully fledged freelancers, and we look forward to seeing their careers progress further. Others from the programme will also remain on our alumni for future roles, and we hope these connections continue successfully. We feel we have proven that this type of initiative can bridge the skills gap, create inclusion and help nurture people into the industry, and we are extremely proud of the success of our first round of Rising Talent.

Our TCC Managing Director Laura Davis said:We have had a brilliant first year of Rising Talent freelancers, with some real, genuine talent who are passionate, hard-working and dedicated to having a successful career in the media industry. I am so proud of all of our Rising Talent, each one of them has put so much effort into helping make this initiative a real success. I am also unbelievably proud and excited that our internal TCC team have worked hard and genuinely helped progress some of their careers, and very much look forward to seeing their successes continue.

TCC has always had its freelancers and clients at the heart of what it does. It continuously looks for ways to guide, nurture and support its freelancers, as well as solve problems for clients. We are always determined and mindful to retain and grow as a supportive and forward-thinking company, and so happy that last year we were able to take that one step further by launching Rising Talent.

Now that we have completed the first year, we now have proven we can make this a success and therefore are excited to continue this into 2023 with another 10 rising freelancers joining us, so look out for the next round of applications opening later this year!

TCC Rising Talent programme, click on the image to read the previous blog

Applications for the second edition will open in June with the 8-month programme starting in September 2023. Please keep an eye out on our socials to apply, we very much look forward to welcoming our next 10 Rising Talent freelancers!


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