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Today marks the famous author’s would-be 100th birthday where children and adults alike are discussing his wonderful works.

The TCC team got together to reminisce on our favourite literary creations of his, and wanted to share them with you:

Charlotte, Lead Consultant – “The BFG. He was my favourite because I always wanted to be friends with a giant.”

Dani, Consultant – “I adored Matilda, especially when Bruce Bogtrotter is forced to eat chocolate cake as a punishment for being greedy. And how can you forget Miss Trunchbull’s scorn at Miss Honey’s teaching methods:

Mrs D, Mrs I, Mrs FFI, Mrs C, Mrs U, Mrs LTY. That spells difficulty.’
How perfectly ridiculous!’ snorted Miss Trunchbull. ‘Why are all these women married?”

Stuart, Joint MD – “I’ve just finished reading The Twits to my son, Zach, so this is what he wore to school this morning…”


Laura, Account Manager – “I loved reading George’s Marvellous Medicine. I could relate to George’s mischief, as I was also a lover of mixing unusual ingredients to create something new (kiwi on toast was one of the not so good experiments!) Although I never used anti-freeze and shampoo, mine was more of an edible experimentation!

Jay, Consultant – “Definitely Matilda. I loved Miss Honey! Her kindness really resonated with me.”

Mary, Bookings Assistant – “The Witches – it used to terrify me!”

Elle, Marketing Executive – “Esio Trot for Mr Hoppy’s romantic dedication – we could all learn a lot about love from this adorable couple; overcoming fear of rejection, chivalry and putting in effort. Also Quentin Blake’s illustrations throughout Roald Dahl books are just divine.”

Maddie, Bookings Coordinator – “It’s a hard choice as he wrote so many AMAZING books but I think it must be Matilda as I loved to be scared by the ever-so-terrifying Miss Trunchbull.”

Sarah, Senior Consultant – “Revolting Rhymes because they were so much more interesting than the normal nursery rhymes I was read as a child.”