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Robert Ryan – Producer Director

Danielle caught up with Rob on one of his rare off days for an insight into what it is like to travel the world, film with stars like David Beckham and create content viewed in 167 countries (presumably not all at the same time!)

Rob is one of those freelancers that we can barely conceal our envy when we talk about him to clients. A globetrotting Director, Producer and genuine nice guy, he’s had an impressive career worth shouting about.
From Tokyo to Rio, Rob has let his passion for directing sweep him around the globe, where he has worked on a diverse slate of cutting edge films, documentaries, factual entertainment, commercials, and drama. You name it, he has worked on it, and you’ve probably seen it at some point on any of the BBC Channels, Channel 4, MTV and Sky.
Rob’s subjects are as diverse as the countries he has visited. From the eccentrics that grace our fair isle in his series for the BBC RUSH to those further afield, Rob manages to capture them in a robustly authentic way. One character in particular that stays with me is the artist he discovered in South Africa – Outta Lappies whose motto is “yesterday’s scraps are today’s masterpiece”. You can catch him in the series Rob created, HUMAN RACE – South Africa for the BBC.
Human Race South Africa Human Race India Football Magic John Simm
Human Race – South Africa Human Race India Football Magic – John Simm
What characterises Rob’s documentary work is his focus on the vibrant fabric of human experience, and the colourful characters that make up the every day. “I specialise in creative and inventive programme making” says Rob. “Creatively my work is highly visual and I strive to create content that is bright, colourful and full of optimism.”
While Rob has developed a unique style from his documentary experience, this also translates across to his other ventures. He has directed long and short form content from comedy to sport, including BBC TWO’s cult film  FOOTBALL MAGIC, starring actor John Simm, which was nominated for the Berlin Lion Prix Europa Award.
Rob then produced, shot and directed a BBC TWO 90 minute feature documentary film SPRINT with Oscar winning production company Passion Pictures.
Sky Ride Advert Sky Sports David Beckham Sky Ride Sir Bradley Wiggins
Sky Ride Advert Sky Sports – David Beckham BTS Sky Ride – Sir Bradley Wiggins
Sport projects have also allowed Rob to work with an impressive array of talent, from Sir Bradley Wiggins in SKYRIDE to David Beckham, and Eric Cantona.
Interestingly, Beckham wasn’t Rob’s favourite star to film…..
“If I had to pick out one star that I have enjoyed filming the most, it has to be George the Poet, probably because I met him at his first ever performance and I have ended up creating his first films”.
Rob met George the Poet, in 2011 performing at the Jazz Cafe. In his final year at Kings College, Cambridge, Rob managed to direct and edit several films; MY CITY their first film collaboration and then they created several Random Act films and commercial films with brands like O2 digital MY INSPIRATION.
George The Poet Lazy Dog George The Poet My City Blu Electro Ballet
George The Poet – C4 Lazy Dog George The Poet – My City BLU – Electro Ballet
For the last three years Rob has been creating mainly online content for the likes of Musto, Unicef, Instagram, Sky, Blu and the Nike foundation.
I loved the visually mesmerising BLU – ELECTRO BALLET and BLU – BURLESQUE Rob recently Directed for BLU. I didn’t think it was possible to make digital content so sultry and seductive!
So what’s next for Rob?
“I’m currently developing my Slip series in America and co-writing a feature film based on a high profile true story. I’m sorry I can’t reveal anymore details at the moment. Apart from this, I want to develop relationships with new clients looking to create quality content that has a strong narrative. I can then craft the images to empower the message”
If I sound jealous wrapping this up you are sorely mistaken, what you are hearing is actually pride at representing a Director so versatile and talented as Rob. (And a tiny bit of envy.)
Amazingly Rob’s available now, get in touch with me ( if you want to know more – or get him booked for your next project!