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Sarah’s 2012 Blog – Day 3

For the duration of the Paralymics we have handed our news pages over to Bookings Assistant, Sarah Dodds who is taking time out of the office to work as a runner on the Paralympic Games for one of our international broadcast clients. Here’s her third installment.


Over the past few days I have spent so much time running and on public transport that it feels unnatural to be stationary. I’m practically on first name terms with the staff in the media centre McDonalds, and the photocopier is my new best friend.

I have also been lucky enough to stand in in the studio and watch some of the magic unfolding. As well as working in the office and seeing what goes on behind the scenes, I’ve also caught glimpses of live cycling and wheelchair basketball and can safely say that they’re even more exciting than they are on television. I guess that’s the beauty of being a runner!


But things aren’t always as glittery as they appear on the silver screen. Just as the underdogs don’t always make those final shots as the buzzer goes, or manage to make that final push to overtake the person in front of them to take the gold, I’ve suffered a few setbacks of my own. Although none of them have been as serious as the crushing moments mentioned above (they vary from ordering taxis instead of cars to having to hurdle over a fence into a puddle of mud to get to where I had to be), things haven’t always gone perfectly. This is one of my first jobs after University, so I suppose I can’t expect to be perfect yet, but it’s still really tough feeling like I’ve let people down.


Ignoring my perfectionist traits, I’m still having an incredible time – I’ve seen Will and Kate twice now (still haven’t managed to catch Harry’s eye though…) and had an amazing massage from a proper physio on my second day in the Paralympic Village. Not too shabby!


I’m only three days in, but fatigue is already beginning to set in – tomorrow marks the first weekend without a weekend since I was in college – and there’s a long way to go yet. That said, I still find myself wondering what might come tomorrow!