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Sarah’s Paralympic Blog Continues

8 days in, and it seems as if we are finally in full swing. Jobs I’ve done a few times are starting to be become second nature, and there are so many in-jokes flying around that it’s all starting to feel like (dare I say it…?) a second family.

Over the past few days, alongside my other duties as arunner, I have been given the role of chauffeuring athletes, presenters andcrew around the park in…A GOLF BUGGY. And I don’t want to brag, but I think I may have found my calling. I really hope golf buggy chauffeur is a thing.

Since beginning my new role, I have driven comedians around while they ad lib sketches, raced through crowds to get tapes back to the studio in time and have also been privileged enough to chat to a few Paralympians, including some gold medallists, and hear some amazing (not to mention humbling) behind the scenes stories. On my first day of driving, I had to transport an athlete to the studio for an interview on the evening show and while we were on the move he casually mentioned how he had won a silver medal, just days after being released from hospital following a seizure. Actually hearing this kind of thing in person, I was struck by the magnitude of this experience, and the tiredness from my missed weekend suddenly vanished!

As we pass the halfway point of the Paralympics, it is becoming impossible to ignore the surreal effects of the Olympic park and the eventswithin it. It’s like being in a different world, where everything outside the gates has been forgotten. Everyone is friendly, talking to more strangers in a day than they probably do in an average week, and the atmosphere is constantly electric. Despite the brevity of the spectacle I know that once it is over, just like the Olympics before it, there will be a massive culture shock. For me personally it will be strange not to spend every day within this bubble… but enough about the end, I still have 5 more days to make the most of it!