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Showreels by Digital Snowball A fantastic first look

Rachel Oratis – experienced, enthusiastic, versatile: those dream words you just love to hear preceding the word “Producer”.  Rachel specialises in branding, promotion and can conceptualise a campaign with the best of them (she’s even won an award for it). Rachel throws herself into the creative process like Tom Daley into a swimming pool, and knows exactly how her audiences tick.

Whether it be news and factual or children’s promos, Rachel is at home with her Creative Producer hat on. She also happens to be absolutely lovely.

Rachel can boast clients such as The Discovery Channel, MTV, Sky Creative Services and Virgin Media as well as many more – get in touch with us if you fancy being next on the list!

Our friends Digital Snowball have been running Showreel editing services with TCC’s very own Editor Stephen McInerney. Rachel is just one of our freelancers who has taken advantage of the service. She’s absolutely chuffed with the results and so are we!

If you fancy a day in the Edit with Steve check it out here

Get in touch with for more information.