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Supporting Emerging Talent: TCC Rising Talent

Introduction to Rising Talent Programme

Rising Talent is an 8-month programme that debuted in the Summer of 2022. Its aim is to cultivate and nurture new talent into the media industry. Our primary objectives are to help kickstart the careers of emerging talent, bridge the skills gap for clients, and promote industry diversity. We do this by leveraging our agency and freelancers to create a supportive environment for emerging talent, guiding them through professional practices in their chosen roles. Throughout the 8 months, Rising Talent participants represent our company, and we strive to provide each participant with a paid job opportunity, if possible, alongside offering 1:1 mentorship and conducting workshops for their development.


Participant Engagement and Industry Impact

According to Laura Davis, a TCC Managing Director who curated this year’s Rising Talent edition:

Whilst 2023 and the beginning of 2024 has been a challenging time across the industry as a whole, we are very proud to say we created paid job opportunities for 4 of our Rising Talent members, and supported others in securing roles in the industry themselves.


We also facilitated successful mentorships, pairing our skilled freelancers with Rising Talent members. This initiative received outstanding feedback from the Rising Talent cohort, with many mentorships assisting them in getting roles in the industry, offering opportunities to experience life on set, shadow sessions, and insights into successful freelancing (one particular mentor offering a session on handling finances, so valuable!) – all of these experiences resulted in boosting their knowledge and confidence!


Despite the industry being quiet, the engagement from our Rising Talent 23/24 members was nothing short of fantastic. They remained enthused, passionate and hard working, jumping on any opportunity to be involved with TCC events, job opportunities and workshops! I absolutely loved getting to know everyone this year, and very proud of all of their individual achievements,


We are fortunate to witness the next generation of creative freelancers firsthand. I know their contributions will greatly benefit the industry in the long term, and I eagerly anticipate watching their careers flourish. Huge congratulations from all of us at TCC, and remember, we are here to continue to support you, and cheer you on!

The Importance of Mentorship

We believe that one of the most crucial elements of the programme is pairing each Rising Talent with a mentor who will guide them into the industry. We are confident that mentors derive as much invaluable experience from this arrangement as their mentees. Collaborating in this way can enhance diversity and inclusion within teams, offices, and the industry at large. It will also help bridge the knowledge gap on both sides, as the mentor and mentee may be operating at different levels within the same or similar roles.

One of TCC’s Rising Talent mentors, Miguel Domingo Redondo, a Motion Graphics Designer/Hybrid Editor, emphasises the importance of having a mentor at all stages of a career:

It’s invaluable (and a must, if possible) for beginners to have someone providing guidance, as this can significantly impact how quickly they develop. However, we must remember that we are all in a continuous development process, and no matter how experienced we are, there is always someone we can look up to for advice. At any level, the industry can be quite demanding and tough, so having someone with more experience and knowledge who is willing to share it makes a world of difference.

Every mentor structured their knowledge-sharing journey differently. Gergana Popova, an experienced TCC Director of Photography who mentored Kyoka Seguchi, a Camera Trainee/Assistant, said, my aim was to provide practical guidance on freelancing and the specifics of working with a camera crew. Our sessions covered a range of topics, some chosen by Kyoka and others inspired by recent industry events.

For many emerging talents, shadowing their mentor is a highly valuable experience as it gives them a sense of what ‘real life’ looks like on the job. Joe May, a TCC Editor/Director who mentored Joe Steel, a Runner/Edit & Camera Assistant, said, Joe was clearly interested in the practical side of TV production, so I decided the best approach was to get him on real sets with big crews, big cameras, big lights, and different departments to see for himself what each of them does. I was able to introduce him to the camera and lighting crews, and they showed him their job roles. Joe spent a couple of full 10-hour days with me on sets.


Feedback from Participants

We’re delighted that Rising Talent members found the mentoring aspect of the programme incredibly valuable.  

What I found most rewarding was being connected with my mentor, Gergana. We’ve met almost every month and keep in touch via text. We share opportunities and during our meetings, I feel comfortable asking her any questions I have, as well as discussing any difficulties or concerns about the industry, working culture, anything! One thing Gergana has explained exceptionally well is managing finances. Since I only started freelancing recently, I’ve learned so much about personal finance management, tracking projects and payments, and taxes. Before hearing this from Gergana, finances were the most confusing and daunting aspect of freelancing for me. I didn’t even want to think about it! But she explained it in a way that gave me actionable steps I could take to become more organized. I’ll definitely be keeping in touch with Gergana even after this scheme! – Kyoka Seguchi


We recognise that freelancers often lack sufficient support when embarking on their first jobs, making it challenging to gain the necessary experience to work with clients or agencies like ours. Our aim is to alleviate stress and create a more enjoyable and nurturing entry into the industry for our Rising Talent freelancers. We understand that feelings of imposter syndrome, being lost, or unsupported during initial industry experiences may prompt freelancers to prematurely exit the industry. That’s why we’re genuinely pleased that we could assist another group of young talent over the last 8 months.  

My experience with the Rising Talent scheme provided me with an introduction to the industry I wanted to be a part of but didn’t know how to access. This experience not only gave me the confidence to find work but also equipped me with the necessary skills to succeed in the television industry – Joe Steel


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Looking Forward

As we reflect on the success of this year’s Rising Talent programme, we’re reminded of our commitment to supporting new talent and being ready for what’s next. We’re dedicated to help emerging talent grow, and we’re prepared to face the challenges and opportunities ahead. Together, we’re shaping a diverse and vibrant industry where talent can shine and new ideas can thrive. Thanks to all the mentors, mentees, and partners who’ve joined us on this journey. Let’s keep moving forward, united in our mission to build a brighter future for the media industry!


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