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TCC Coffee Mornings

Dear TCC Freelancers! With so many of you working remotely, and not always having a team around you, we want to carve out some time where we actually get to see you face to face! We understand many of you might be facing challenges, and with so much going on in the world, we want to create a space where you feel you can talk to others who might be in the same boat, and offer you the support of your fellow freelancers. This is why we have decided to run some coffee mornings for our Freelancers! We will provide tea, coffee, biscuits and space at the office for 1hr every month until spring next year for you to meet each other and have a chat. It will also be a nice opportunity for you to meet and chat to the TCC team! 

This event is only open to Active TCC Freelancers who have a place on the books.

Check out the Coffee Mornings for TCC Freelancers schedule so far:

Tuesday 4th October – 10am | Face to Face Catch Up 

This is an hour for freelancers to meet up together, and with us,, have some tea & biscuits and talk about how you’re finding freelance life. Whether you’re working fully remotely now and would like a morning to connect with some other TCC freelancers, you’d like to discuss support for your mental wellbeing, or you’re interested in how others are navigating clients/rates, whatever it is – you are all welcome here at the office for a catch up!

Tuesday 1st November – 10am | Parenting or considering parenthood? 

Are you a parent struggling to navigate and balance freelance life? Or are you considering becoming a parent and are worried about the logistics of being away on location. If you’d like to seek advice from other freelancers, offload, or even share your own positive experiences, then come along!

Tuesday 6th December – 10am | Cost of living crisis as a freelancer

If you are struggling or would like to meet up with other freelancers to share your experience with navigating the cost of living crisis, this is an opportunity to seek some support from your fellow freelancers.


Tuesday 4th April – 10 am 

Tuesday 2nd May – 10 am [Registration link]

Tuesday 6th June – 10 am

Tuesday 4th July – 10 am

Tuesday 1st August – 10 am


Add these dates to your diary! It would be great to see as many of you as possible. We are open to your ideas, so if you have anything you would like to discuss or suggest a specific topic, please reach out, and let us know!

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