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TCC host the best parties … ever!

A few words from Jay on the TCC staff summer bash!
I joined the Crewing Company in March and can now proudly say I have now become part of a welcoming, hard working team. Most companies only host Christmas parties, but here at TCC we we have them in the summer sunshine too!
The weather was perfect for the occasion; the day started off with a lovely canal boat trip down the Cam and then a quick stop at the local pub for a refreshing drink.
Then it was back to Steph and Stu’s for a dip in the pool and as the day cooled down we were treated to some team building rabble games, marvellously hosted by Laura.
After all the exercise, we gorged ourselves on an extraordinary amount of pizza and as the party continued on into the evening, we sat around talking and laughing with a camp fire blazing. It was a lovely warm night and we all camped under a beautiful full moon.
The next day we had the perfect duo to cure any hangover with a bacon sandwich and another relaxing swim.
I would just like to thank Steph & Stu for putting on such a lovely party and can honestly say I’m counting down to the next one.