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TCC MENA The First Quarter and CABSAT 2014

This month marks TCC MENA’s first successful quarter, rounded off with a trip to our new offices in Abu Dhabi by Crewing Company MD and Founder Stephanie Asplin. Steph flew out to join General Manager Naoma Nagahawatte in Dubai at CABSAT,and to meet a few clients and freelancers along the way.
Billed as the “Number One Professional Content Management Event”, CABSAT ( this year celebrated it’s 20th year at the towering Dubai World Trade Centre. Like BVE ( in the UK, CABSAT is a techie’s dream come true. Admittedly with some 850 exhibitors, the scale of CABSAT was impressive, if not a little overwhelming for us “people” people. However, with nearly 13000 visitors attending, all of that fancy kit attracted exactly the type of people we love to meet. Among others, Steph and Naoma met Simon Holmes, Dubai based Editor who has 3 years’ experience in the region. Needless to say the Café Nero next door became TCC MENA’s Dubai HQ. It wasn’t unheard of for the barista to start frothing the milk for Naoma’s caramel latte, and pointing to their “usual” seat by the plugs before they even got in the door. Needs must when there is free WIFI on offer!
In the moments between freelancers and frothy coffee,  Naoma and Steph attended talks and conferences, including twofour54’s “Developing Abu Dhabi as a Leading Film and TV Production Destination and Facilitating The Development of a Sustainable Local Film Industry”( This was led by Paul Baker, Executive Director at twofour54 intaj, and provided an insightful discussion into the expanding film industry in the region. This also reinforced the need for the kind of talent TCC MENA have been approached for so far. Back in the UK, TCC have been successful in providing the right people in broadcast and production, so the opportunity to create a niche in the Middle Eastern Film market is an exciting new prospect. Production for Fast and Furious was also confirmed during the conference, a project that TCC MENA is getting prepared for to hopefully provide local talent.
TCC have been sending UK based talent out to the Middle East for 7 years, and so are well used to the logistics of bridging the gap between high calibre talent and high profile clients. Steph and Naoma met a lot of our UK clients with MENA counterparts, including Two Four Arabia.  TCC have been working with this client since it’s successful beginnings, having sent Freelancers out there since last year. This has included, among others, Editors Chris Church and Helen Wickham who worked on “The Goodness of Our Land” and “Farming in the Desert”.
A milestone for the MENA books was Naoma’s first booking, providing Editors, Sound Recordists, Camera Operators and a PD for an Abu Dhabi Ocean Race project with Fast Track Middle East. She’s also been busy booking locally based Runners, Production Managers, Coordinators and Assistants for a variety of drama and entertainment productions with TwoFour54.
From worldwide advertising agencies to studio based production companies, all of the clients that Steph and Naoma met had the same thing to say: “There is work here, we need you.” A message we would be keen to repeat to any potential MENA candidates too – in particular we are looking to find local Production Managers, Coordinators, Camera Operators, Editors and Make up Artists.
The Crewing Company MENA now looks eagerly to the future with hopes and plans to embark on as much success (and more!) for quarter 2. We hope many of you will join this fantastic journey with us along the way. And, as always, watch this space.