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Timi Mcewen: Freelancer of the Month

How did you develop an interest in the production field? What motivated you to pursue a career as a Digital Producer/Assistant Producer?

My passion for creating media developed after experiencing homelessness in 2019 through making YouTube videos. I wanted to develop my media storytelling skills so completed the MAMA Youth digital media course, where I was able to develop my skills in shooting, development and editing.


Can you share with us an example of a particularly challenging situation you faced during a production?

Working on productions can be challenging, especially when under tight deadlines. From my experience, I have always found prioritising listening and finding solutions avoids crisis. It is rare anything in life goes exactly to plan and it is much more fun rolling with the punches.


‘I’d like to become an established documentary filmmaker, creating raw documentaries that explore real human experiences […]’


What are your career goals within the production industry? What genres within the industry are your personal favourites? Are there any specific reasons why those genres resonate with you?

I’d like to become an established documentary filmmaker, creating raw documentaries that explore real human experiences, focusing especially on issues around drug abuse, mental health and the impacts of poverty. I’m also a playwright (I’ve written one lol) so would like to one day produce that on stage and hopefully as a drama series too.

Timi at BAFTAs.


Do you have a preference for working on short form or long form broadcast projects? And, why?

Short form pays the bills and it’s pretty fun and whacky! But my real passion is long form. I love the process of really hashing out a story and the time that goes into creating something that people can sit, enjoy and think about.


Could you share any memorable anecdotes from your experiences in the production industry that you would like to highlight?

Working the BAFTAs was a really memorable experience. It was great to be around programme makers as well as prominent figures in the media industry. The whole day I felt like omg this could be me one day!


Technology plays a significant role in modern production. How do you stay up-to-date with the latest advancements and incorporate them into your projects?

The Media Production and Technology show, I’ve never been but I’m signed up to their mailing list. Netflix also has recommendations for the latest filming technology on their website.



In your opinion, how is the role of women evolving in the production industry? Do you believe progress has been made, or do you feel there is still significant work to be done?

I do think progress is being made but I have found that men are still predominantly in the creative decision-making roles and women are often more in the admin organisational side. That’s got to change, I think often women are very out-of-the-box thinkers and I think that will have nothing but a positive impact on our industry.


Who are your role models or references in the industry, and how have they inspired you?

I love Adam Curtis, I remember when I first watched the Hypernormalisation series on BBC 3 and just thought, wow, this is what I want to do! I think his work is amazing and also very visually stunning, great use of archive footage which makes his work extremely immersive.


In your opinion, what are the key qualities or skills that a successful producer should possess? How do you personally embody these qualities?

Problem solving!! You have the ability to wear many hats but also be assertive so you can make the most of the team you are working with and not feel like a crazy person running around doing a million things. I think it’s also a great quality to be in tune with others so you can do the best when negotiating in all areas, whether it be contracts or getting things for free!


What advice would you give to individuals who aspire to work in the production field? Are there any specific steps or strategies you would recommend they follow to pursue their goals?

Make stuff! I think that’s also my advice to myself for the rest of this year. If you have a specific goal, do your best to work towards it daily. Find opportunities to develop yourself, keep in touch with your contacts, keep your CV updated and know that you are an asset!


To find out more about Timi Mcewen and other freelance post-production talent, please contact a member of the team.