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The TCC team are all big readers and were inspired throughout their childhood by  various literary creations. To celebrate World Book Day, some of the team decided to spend their day in the office dressed as their favourite character!

Mary Broome, Bookings Assistant – Mary Poppins from P. L. Travers’ classic

I always felt an affinity to anyone with my name and growing up, I loved the idea of having a nanny – plus the animated film is an absolute classic!

Dani Buttice, Consultant – Posy Fossil from Ballet Shoes by Noel Streatfeild

It’s my favourite book because growing up I wanted to be a ballerina and the girls in the book were around my ages and I wanted to be them dancing on stage. Getting those first pair of pointe shoes I felt like the girls in the book.

Elle Finn, Marketing Executive – Hermione Granger from Harry Potter by J. K Rowling

I always associated with Hermione growing up, as academics were always important to her and they were to me too. I liked that she could be herself and still have great friends – she never pretended to be something she’s not.

Jay Williamson, Consultant – Mr Bump from the Roger Hargreaves collection

As a child I was, and still am, incredibly clumsy. I am constantly bumping into things and don’t remember a time when I haven’t had bruises. Mr Bump is a great character… even if he uses up all the First Aid supplies!


To see more of the team’s dress up days, head to the TCC Instagram!