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Finding freelancers for a Covid secure production…look no further!

We know what you’re thinking, the wheels are gradually turning, you’ve got projects lined up and you’re trying to figure out how to pull it off whilst adhering to the new guidelines — we may be able to help you! A couple of months ago we all felt like we were lost in the woods with no way out, but things are most certainly getting better! We have a number of COVID-19 certified freelancers, as well as freelancers who can work remotely, that are prepped, ready and raring to get stuck into new projects, and at short notice if need be.

How can TCC help you with freelancers whilst adhering to the COVID-19 guidelines? Well, we have great options for you whether you’re looking for someone with COVID-19 workplace training, freelancers with remote workstations or perhaps a drone operator so you don’t have to worry about your camera crew being bunched together on set! We cover a number of skills across our books, so we may just have that one freelancer who can shoot, edit, do make-up, fly a plane, do backflips, you name it!

We wanted to introduce you to just a handful of our freelancers who have made adjustments for the ‘new normal’, or have experience working in our new ‘Covid Secure’ world.

Neill Francis – DOP & Camera Operator

Neill is one of our best, he has been with TCC for a long time now. Recently, Neill has been booked out on shoots throughout the pandemic so has had firsthand experience working within COVID-19 guidelines. When chatting with Neill he explained to us that the guidelines are pretty straight forward, easy to work with and thus far haven’t caused much issue on set (it’s mainly minimal crew members and client reps “on set”)! He says the key is to know the specific details of the job beforehand, so the correct COVID safe procedures can be put in place. Neill is super adaptable anyway, and always eager to take on a challenge.

You can view Neill’s showreel here

Gabriele Mockute – Motion Graphic Designer

Since lockdown Gabriele has been undertaking all of her client projects from home with her remote workspace, she has explained to us that she is still super busy! Gabriele is a lovely, personable freelancer with great experience on brand-based content and digital board/banner type projects — she has a real eye for detail.

You can view Gabriele’s showreel here

Dan Jarman – Editor

We’ve known Dan for quite some time now, he’s always a fun character to be around, and better yet he’s a fantastic Editor! Dan has a fully functioning remote set-up, using Avid and Premiere Pro, and has adjusted to the remote working life. He has had a steady influx of work throughout the past few months and has completed a number of projects from home. Dan works across broadcast, branded content, advertising, film and music – he’s a real talent!

To see some samples of Dan’s work he did for his own clients over lockdown check out the links below


Channel 4 – Take Your Knee Off My Neck – Mini Docs with a very short turnaround.

Formula E  – Raced in Berlin and transmitted through to Ealing Studios, where the post was carried out remotely.

Jag iPace E-Trophy – Also during the Formula E Berlin race, so the same set-up with post carried out remotely.

Deliveroo (Food Goals) – Dan also did a couple of these.

Nicola Fairfield – Make-Up Artist

We have a number of Make-Up Artists on the books who are now COVID-19 Certified, and we’d like to introduce you to Nicole Fairfield. Nicole is lovely to be around and has a great personality, putting anyone at ease! With her new COVID-19 training, Nicky is up-to-date on all safety measures when working with crew/actors on set. Due to her work having to be ‘up close and personal’ Nicky has made sure she’s on the ball with the government guidelines.

You can view Nicole’s portfolio here

Sarah Ross – Producer

Sarah is a fantastic producer who comes highly recommended, she has recently been working on projects during lockdown with ease, whilst still adhering to the social distancing guidelines in place. She explained that staff have been temperature tested for COVID-19 and given wristbands to show they’ve passed the test for others to see. Sarah has worked on TV, Commercial, Brand Content, Corporate and much more.

If you would like to know more about Sarah, then do get in touch with the team.

From what we’ve seen, different production companies are taking their own approach to getting their projects back in motion. Some are facilitating remote work only, whereas others are allowing staff to work in the office part time in bubbles to keep up with social distancing measures. There are ways and means of getting this show back on the road and we are constantly hearing of new ways in which Clients are adapting to ensure that they can keep the wheels in motion on projects large and small.

We’re an approachable bunch here at TCC and always up for a chin wag, so if you want to check-in and see how the market is, how other production companies are working within the guidelines or how we can help get your project to the finish line — then please give us a call!