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Introducing our Accounts Clerk, Dan Grant!

Dan has been with us for a couple of months and we thought it’s about time he had a proper¬†introduction.

Coming from an administrative background, Dan joined the TCC team in September 2016 as our Accounts Clerk. He works alongside our Finance Manager, Matt Smith, and they both love talking about football (Dan supports Tottenham Hotspur, Matt supports Liverpool). Having previously worked for three and a half years for a nursing agency, he has great knowledge of organisational procedures.

In his spare time, Dan enjoys frequenting the gym and watching sports, mainly football, basketball and boxing. In the office, we often see Dan’s head bobbing along to music or hear him giggling whilst he listens to podcasts which cheers us all up! He also enjoys debating amongst friends and is proud of his ability to articulate his points of view whilst considering other perspectives. As previously mentioned, he is a keen Spurs fan and is constantly likened to various celebrities, specifically Chris Brown, Drake and Reggie Yates. He says this annoys him slightly but we think he secretly loves it! He also once devoured an entire box of Lindt chocolates by himself in the space of an hour, so if you’re stuck for Christmas ideas, he’ll be overjoyed with chocolate!

If you need to contact him for anything regarding invoices, payments or you just want to welcome him to the team, his email is