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Meet Elle, our new Marketing Executive!

We pride ourselves on our relationships with our clients and candidates and want to shout about all our exceptional talent that we represent. To get more exposure for our freelancers’ work and our clients’ projects, we want our social media presence to be stronger and more relevant. To do this, we have brought Elle Finn on board as our new Marketing Executive! Joining us from the Daily Mail, Elle was Deputy Layout Planner (she organised the advertising and editorial placement in the newspaper).

We put Elle on the spot with a quickfire round of questions – see how she did:

So far, what is your…

Favourite part of office life: It has to be my Friday 5pm deskside glass of bubbly.

Best team idea: TCC Bake Off – it’s definitely just a sneaky way of eating more cake in the office… and raising our social media profile, of course.

Morning routine: Huge mug of hot chocolate, Marmite toast and a cheeky scroll through Twitter.

Most played showreel: I don’t have an explicit favourite that I play regularly (trying out the art of diplomacy there!) However I do adore the VFX and Motion GFX reels because of the vibrant colours and amazing things you can do with the new tech. I also love the Make-Up/Wardrobe reels because they’ve got such a cool vibe and I’m obsessed with anything cosmetics or fashion related.