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TCC’s #FestiveFeedback

Take a look over our #FestiveFeedback advent calendar that was broadcast across our social media. Throughout December 2016 we celebrated client feedback about our wonderful freelancers with one advent calendar post a day right up until Christmas Eve (we receive great feedback for freelancers every day, so it was tough selecting just one!). Why don’t you see what positive things the clients said about you?

Day 2: “Bobb is fantastically helpful and extremely patient” – The Studio of Jon Fairey praises our Animator Bobb Strongman #FestiveFeedback 🎄

Day 3: “He was really great on location!” Phantom Sun loves our Edit Assistant Gaz Evans #FestiveFeedback 🎄

Day 4: “Everything went really well, he did a great job!” Creative Agency VCCP thought Paul Damian was fabulous! #FestiveFeedback 🎄

Day 6: “Paula is fantastic – we’re really happy!” Connected Pictures loved our German-speaking Editor Paula Frank on her second job ever for #TCC! #FestiveFeedback 🎄

Day 8: “Steve has been great!” TCC’s Colourist/Grader Steve Donlon impresses WAG TV with his talent! 🎨 #FestiveFeedback 🎄

Day 9: “David has been awesome – thank you!” Multidisciplinary production company Knock Knock London thinks Motion GFX Designer David Aldhouse was fantastic to work with #FestiveFeedback 🎄

Day 10: “We love Andrew. He was great!” Sony were very pleased with Dubbing Mixer Andrew Swallow’s work ethic and speed #FestiveFeedback 🎄

Day 11: “Feedback has all been very positive!” Publicis London production team relished working with GFX Designer Amy Engles #FestiveFeedback🎄

Day 12: “The Producer said it went really well” GFX Designer Pedro Gundar impresses VCCP on set! #FestiveFeedback 🎄

Day 13: “He had great feedback from the exec!” Editor Mark Curl shows his skill to Tuesday’s Child TV #FestiveFeedback🎄

Day 14: “Would love to use her again – she’ll be the first port of call” Kaleidovision were besotted with Sound Recordist Marina Fusella #FestiveFeedback 🎄

Day 15: “Jarrad has picked up on projects well and is helpful and speedy!” Ad agency Maverick adore Edit Assistant Jarrad Templeton #FestiveFeedback🎄

Day 16: “He’s great – very flexible with all the changes” Advertising agency VCCP Kin thought Premiere/After Effects Editor Blake Hart-Wilson was fab! #FestiveFeedback🎄

Day 17: “He was instinctive and emotionally invested in the project” Greg Rattazzi impresses VCCP #FestiveFeedback🎄

Day 18: “He’s really quick and has a keen eye for detail and story structure” Avid Editor Guy Hellier shows production company Electric Robin his skills #FestiveFeedback 🎄

Day 19: “She’s getting on really well!” Deluxe Media thought GFX Designer Rumia Bloch was a fab freelancer #FestiveFeedback 🎄

Day 20: “He did a great job and quicker than I thought – we’d love to bring him back in” – Starcom Worldwide adored our Editor Paul Reson #FestiveFeedback🎄

Day 21: “She was a pleasure to work with!” Transmission at Hogarth Worldwide were impressed with Motion GFX Designer Jennifer Godden #FestiveFeedback🎄

Day 22: “He was calm, collected and a pleasure to have around” Firecracker Films thought Editor Robert Polewski was a star🌟 #FestiveFeedback🎄

Day 23: “Jarrad is fantastic and look forward to booking him again!” Ad agency Maverick think Jarrad Templeton was fabulous #FestiveFeedback🎄

Day 24: “Patrick was fab, thanks so much for the recommendation” VCCP are impressed with Sound Operator Patrick Oldacre #FestiveFeedback🎄