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Sadly saying goodbye to Sarah

It is with great sadness that after 4 and a half years as part of the TCC team our Senior Consultant, Sarah Dodds, is leaving us for new adventures. We wanted to look over the time she had with us and asked her to share some of her memories with us…

In the early days:

Standout memory of your first week?
I was given the task to update our system with personal details from about 600 freelancers. Emailing all of them was quite daunting, and I think a lot of them probably thought I was some sort of scammer but I guess it was a good way to introduce myself to them all!

First impressions of the team?
Everyone was so friendly and I felt like I fit in right away.

What was it like living in London?
I had just moved to London 2 weeks before I started at The Crewing Company and I absolutely loved it. It was summer 2012 so Olympic fever was in full swing and I lived right in the centre of everything by Tower Bridge. I had such a great time exploring, trying new restaurants and living the big city life. It only took about a year and a half to wear me down though and I moved to the very green Peak District near Manchester after that and I’ve stayed up North ever since – it’s definitely where I’m meant to be!


Most memorable freelancer feedback to you?
There isn’t one quote that stands out, it’s been the constant positive feedback that has made me feel like I’m doing my job well.

How many jobs have you placed?
2603 contracts spanning over 12,262 days!

Looking back

Fondest memory?
There are way too many to pick one – all of the TCC nights out, freelancer parties, Christmas bashes, food days, office jokes and times when freelancers and clients have been really happy with what I’ve done for them all combine into almost 5 years of fond memories!

Laughed hardest at TCC when…
There have been so many funny memories, but one of my favourites was when we won twice at the Marketing and Digital Recruitment awards, and I got a bit over enthusiastic whilst holding our (glass) awards and managed to take a massive chunk out of one of them. Not wanting to get blamed for ruining our new shiny award, I managed to convince our MD Stuart that he had done it and I got away with it… for about a day.

What will you miss the most?
The amazing TCC team, the lovely freelancers and all of my very friendly clients.

Looking forward

What adventures are lying ahead?
I don’t have anything lined up yet so I’m hoping to take a bit of time out to do some travelling and learn some new skills and then will see what happens from there.

Message to Sarah from the MDs, Stephanie Asplin and Stuart Hatton:

From quiet beginnings here at TCC, Sarah soon became part of the furniture when her northern sense of humour started to creep in! A witty, clever, sincere and super hardworking colleague, Sarah is going to be  missed by clients, freelancers and of course all of the team at Hackney Towers. It feels like one of the family is leaving home. We wish Sarah all the best in her travels and new adventures and hope she pops in for pizza at Crate from time to time!