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#TCCFreelancer James Moriarty – Editor

Creative Editor James Moriarty has worked on a wide range of high profile TV shows; he is currently working on “Who’s Doing the Dishes” for ITV and will be returning to X Factor shortly. It is more than likely when you have sat down to watch TV on a Saturday

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Laura’s Edinburgh TV Fest Roundup

My arrival into Edinburgh was a late but welcoming one. The rain was pouring, as expected, and when my taxi arrived I was greeted with a bellowing ‘LAURRRA’, with rolling R’s and all. The driver spoke to me from the moment I got in, to the moment I got out,

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Laura is off to Edinburgh

TCC Account Manager, Laura Davis will be attending this years Edinburgh International Television festival between Wednesday 26th – Friday 28th August. The festival is one of the highest profile events in the UK media calendar and will act as a celebration of the diversity, creativity and world class talent which

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Nicole Hall’s Work Exerperience Blog

When I think about how much I want to work in the Television industry, in the past, my mind would have immediately sprung to the obvious production roles; runner, director, editor, producer etc. It wasn’t until the past few weeks that I even began to think about another important aspect

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TCC host the best parties … ever!

A few words from Jay on the TCC staff summer bash! I joined the Crewing Company in March and can now proudly say I have now become part of a welcoming, hard working team. Most companies only host Christmas parties, but here at TCC we we have them in the

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Looking for work experience?

Do you want to gain work experience and an insight into the Television and Video Production industry as a whole including rates, the freelance market and expectations from Clients? If so, please do get in touch  We currently have work experience places available at our HQ in Hackney Wick, East

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