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Recruitment panel: Prepare for graduation

Earlier this month, our Account Manager Laura Davis was invited to King’s College London to feature on a panel of recruitment professionals to help prepare students for life after graduation. The topic of discussion centred around the challenges that face recent graduates in the creative sector. Laura greatly enjoyed the event and felt it was of immense benefit to the students, who will be graduating later this year. This is what she had to say on the evening:

I loved featuring on the recruitment panel. I was alongside other professionals from similar backgrounds – there was Cathy Alford (MD of Searchlight), a Team Leader from Tomorrow Agency, a representative from Bush Theatre, and a representative from Borderline.

We offered CV advice, interview techniques and guidance on how to apply for suitable roles based on their qualifications and aspirations. This was particularly useful for the students because we are the professionals who are responsible for perusing their CV and application; we can tell them what we are looking out for. It seemed that many of the students didn’t feel confident about their position as a graduate applying for entry level jobs post-graduation, so by imparting our combined wisdom, hopefully they learned something of benefit!

recruitment Laura Kings College3
recruitment Laura Kings College2

TCC’s Account Manager Laura (second from right) on recruitment panel

We focused on different key scenarios from throughout the job application journey and broke them down step by step, illustrating that although it may seem daunting, job hunting doesn’t have to be a traumatic ordeal! The discussion swayed towards theĀ broad tendencies and insecurities of graduates, who have some work experience but are looking for a way to take the first steps into their professionalĀ career.
Although each panellist came from a different company, we all agreed on the core skills when applying for jobs: enthusiasm, dedication and professionalism!

The students were enthralled and really listened to what we had to say, and I would hope that we added some value on how to help them embark on their search for jobs upon graduating!